“The walls of Lighthouse are built of Love”

Aoife Woodlock


“The culture of The Lighthouse fosters kindness, curiosity and learning. Our son was encouraged to be himself at all times. He felt protected and loved throughout his time there. The Lighthouse has made a lasting impression on him and us – we will miss it so much.”

Tania Kacperski, Michael & Kacper Terbush 2021-2023

“We can’t thank you enough for the dedication, fun and guidance Lighthouse has invested in both of our children’s lives. Your school and its brilliant teachers have set them on the best path in life. We believe we will be seeing the benefits of your work for years to come as they grow and develop from the incredible foundation you have laid”

Liz Arthurs 2015-2021

“Two of my children attended Lighthouse for two glorious years each. They were welcomed into Lighthouse by the warm, nurturing teachers and quickly included in the peer group. The education, support and encouragement they received every single day they attended Lighthouse has fostered their confidence and a strong sense of themselves. There has been genuine fun in learning, and exploration of the world and their own abilities. I’ve consistently felt that the teachers at Lighthouse have seen my children as unique, precious individuals and also encouraged them to fully participate as part of the group. I will always be grateful to Jean, Claire and the team at Lighthouse for all they have given our family.”

Olwyn Finnegan 2015-2020

“The teachers in Lighthouse are so warm and dedicated and really value and celebrate the individuality of all of the children. There is such good humour and positivity throughout the school, and we have always felt that it has given our children a brilliant grounding ahead of starting primary school – in fact the teachers at our primary school have commented on the independence of the children coming from Lighthouse”

Suzannah & Malachi Sweetman 2011-2018

“It is difficult for us to fully express our feelings of gratitude for creating such a warm and loving home away from home for Sam during his time there… We know that through your warmth, good humour, gentle guidance and attention at school he has absolutely blossomed”

Eavan Meagher & Cian Mc Loughlin 2015- present

“The first time we visited Lighthouse I was immediately struck by the calm and peaceful atmosphere throughout the school. I remember feeling concerned that our big boisterous 2 year old boy would find it hard to adjust after the buoyant chaos of his crèche. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The love, care and patient guidance extended to him over the past 3 years is hard to express in a few lines. He has thrived in the wonderful environment created by Claire, Deirdre, Jean and the wider Lighthouse family. At least once a week we are delighted by a new revelation (“Did you know bats fly using echolocation?!”) but when the academic bits are forgotten, or replaced by more learning, the lasting legacy of Lighthouse will be the social, developmental and interpersonal impact of their approach. He has learned empathy for others, a curiosity for learning, how to cope with disappointment, how to entertain himself and take pride in a task well done. We couldn’t have asked for a better start for our son. It’s been an education for all three of us.”

Petrina, Mark and Cullen Grehan, Family with Lighthouse 2013-2016

“My son attended the Lighthouse Montessori for three years and loved it from day one. Jean has created a wonderfully intimate and calm environment where the children are treated with respect and sensitivity whilst being introduced to Montessori work and all sorts of creative and fun activities to stretch their imaginations, cultivate good manners and foster independence. It’s been a pleasure to witness what my son has learnt over three years: he recently asked if I knew Pablo Picasso and explained gravity to his uncle! Jean along with teachers Claire and Deirdre and all the staff are incredibly caring, gentle and committed and put enormous energy into a variety of memorable experiences dotted through the year (mother’s day coffee morning, St. Patrick’s Day parade, the teddy bears’ picnic, farm visit, the Christmas play, family picnic and lots more) beyond the structured daily activities. The Lighthouse is very well managed…
My son is leaving with the loveliest memories and well prepared for the move to primary school.”

Sarah Cremin, Parent 2013-2016

“Lighthouse has been the most magical start to my children’s education. I am consistently impressed at the enthusiasm, respect and wonder that my children experience at Lighthouse every day”

Sandra Nowlan 2004-2008

“As our son’s third and final year at The Lighthouse draws to a close, we’d like to reflect on what a fantastic experience we’ve had. Everything at The Lighthouse – the well equipped classrooms, the Christmas plays, the Mother’s Day morning, the baking, the St. Patrick’s Day parade, the drama lessons, the annual family picnic, the arts and crafts – is put together with exceptional effort by staff who genuinely care about the well being and development of each child. To parents leaving their pre-schoolers in care every day, this level of commitment is very reassuring. But what we’ve found truly outstanding about the school is the way in which Jean and the teachers reach far beyond the boundaries of the classroom, offering help and welcomed advice on how to deal with developmental issues in the home environment. For us, The Lighthouse has been far more than a Montessori. It’s an extension of our family life. Our only disappointment will be having to say goodbye”

Louise Grennel, Parent 2012-2015

“Lighthouse is a really warm home-from-home environment. The teachers are fantastic and nurture respect and independence from day one. Our son has learned so much about himself and the world around him, as well as the more formal education of letters and numbers etc. at Lighthouse. He also has lots of fun with his little friends in the garden. Lighthouse is very well run, with activities and different classroom themes every week, and parents are kept informed and can share the experience with their children. As our son moves on to big school, we are sad to be saying goodbye to Lighthouse”

Fiona Ward, Parent 2013-2015

“The Lighthouse is a wonderful foundation year for school and I wish my boys had started there even sooner. I asked them their favourite things and they said :- Our  Friends , Arts and Crafts , Deirdre and all the teachers , garden outdoor time and the excursions. The teachers are the most dedicated , patient , good humoured , creative and kindest you could meet. We felt lucky to get a pre school place for Lewis and then Max ( age 6) spent a few wonderful summer weeks there and both were extremely happy and learned so much. We will all miss this place and couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

Grace Ann Fallon, Parent 2014-2015

“I’ve spent five years walking down the stone steps to the blue door of the Lighthouse Montessori with each of my three sons, the youngest of whom finished there in the summer of 2013.  All three boys have enjoyed their time in this small well-run school, learning howto make friends, how to concentrate on their work, flex their independence and be encouraged in their ability to do things for themselves. I’ve always been impressed by the calm atmosphere and the relaxed friendly and professional approach of the wonderful group of teachers we have dealt with over those five years”

Catherine Cleary, Parent 2008-2013


“I was really impressed by the dedication of the teachers to the children and the huge range of activities and crafts that they arranged. They also arranged parent teacher meetings, class observations and evening talks about child development and education. Our daughter learned to read and write there at a very early stage and had a great attitude of wanting to learn for herself… Our daughter loved her time there and the friends she made and I cannot recommend the school highly enough.”

Muireann Grogan, Parent 2008-2016

“Lighthouse has been a wonderful introduction to education for our boys, where their minds have been opened up in a positive and child friendly way, in an atmosphere that has always been caring and homely. As they move to primary school, they have such fond memories of their time at Lighthouse which we hope they will carry with them for a lifetime.”

Hilda Milner, Parent 2004–2010