“Follow the child”

Maria Montessori

Our Philosophy

The school’s philosophy is based on the Montessori method which encourages each child to develop at their own pace. Through observation the teacher follows the child’s lead and helps her to grow and develop to her potential.

The Montessori classroom provides a unique range of materials. Guided by a teacher, the child chooses materials through which she can explore and work at her own pace. In the Montessori environment the child’s creative energy is freed, and she develops independence, self-discipline and a strong sense of self esteem.

The highly social atmosphere of this environment comes from a unique combination of freedom and structure and is founded on respect. A Montessori education fosters the fullest development of child’s potential and provides a foundation for a life of joyful and successful learning.

“Children have to be educated but they also have to be left to educate themselves”

Mahatma Gandhi

It is the mission of Lighthouse Montessori School is to act as a guiding light for our children and along with parents to build a strong foundation for them to grow and develop into their best selves.

Our goals for our students:
To operate a school for children in accordance with the Montessori Method.

  • To encourage the development of each child enrolled to his or her potential at his/her own pace.
  • To consciously teach respect through role modeling, observation, active listening and a calm child centered approach.
  • To provide a supportive community for parents, children and staff.
  • To create a calm yet stimulating environment where a life long love of learning and creativity is fostered within each child.